What are dreams?
The answer can be found if we look through the eyes of old cultures. The Greeks divided dreams into two categories. Insignificant, manifested by fears, desires, and remnants of everyday life. On the other hand, they saw visions of the future, visits by gods, ghosts, or friends in the most important ones. The importance they attached to them is evidenced by the fact that hundreds of temples of Asclepius were found throughout Greece, where dreams were used for healing.

If we move to the other side of the globe, into the rainforest of Venezuela, we can meet the Indian tribe Makiritare. They believe that dreams are the real paths that the spiritual double adekato, living within each person, takes. These roads are very dangerous because during them they can be attacked, kidnapped or affected by serious illness. Therefore, they approach dreams with great caution.

And we must not forget ancient Egypt, where dreams were a very important and sacred part of the culture. The Egyptians had priests called "masters of secret things" who were engaged in interpreting dreams. The oldest dream books have been found in the excavations - papyri with illustrations of individual symbols. Like the Greeks, they believed that Gods were revealed through them, and were a source of warnings, counsel, and prophecy.

Of course, there are other options like Tibetan Dream Yoga, Freud, Jung and more. You can read so many different books on the subject, but I think it's much more interesting to experience everything at first hand. Turn your attention to dreams, write them in a diary, and discover what they want to tell you.